Your Solution.

WriterReady. StoryWorks is your dynamic, nimble marketing communications resource.  As creators and collaborators, our priority is to help you tell your story in a way that maximizes emotional resonance and brand power.

We offer the experience, expertise and energy to make your messaging matter — to you and your target audience. Facts don’t change minds or trigger response. Emotions do.

Engage us for a day, a week, a couple of months or a year. Your choice. Our services include:

  • Brand Stories
  • Marketing Plans
  • Corporate Values, Visions and Missions
  • Persona Development
  • Social Media Engagement Strategies
  • Case Statements
  • Fundraising Strategies and Appeals

Elaine’s Portfolio

Training and Workshops:

  • Leading with the Heart, not the Head
  • Leveraging Your Content to Drive Engagement
  • Turbocharging Your Fundraising Appeals
  • Learning to FeelWRITE™

Request my free StoryWorks tool: Leading with the Heart.

3 thoughts on “Your Solution.

  1. i am little bit confused, you hv so many posts, and still very few likes. Your blog is not not difficult to understand.

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