Communication is Messy. The brain is a complex and intricate operating system that calculates, synthesizes and mystifies. Though we may believe we are making logical, data-based decisions, neuroscientists are recognizing that emotions drive our impulses — and most of our behavior.

Researchers confirm that more than 90% of our behavior is generated outside of consciousness. So, that means we act based on feelings of trust, confidence and connection ― while we actively seek the data necessary to support those feelings.  That’s why the art of the story is absolutely critical to your success — and why a storyworks. I help you communicate in ways your target audience can comprehend.

Elaine’s Background

After more than thirty years of writing, editing, coaching, training and integrated marketing in public and private sector environments, I know one thing for sure. Borrowing a lyric from Don Henley, “The more I know, the less I understand.”

But, along the way,  I have become a student of the human brain and the way it processes the world around us. It’s circuitry holds the secret code to unlocking the multitude of mysteries around motivation, behavior and the evolution of the soul — but we have just scratched the surface. That’s why I am passionate about weaving these clues into the development and deployment of the highest octane messages you can create. Key areas of interest include education, healthcare, consumer brands, cause-focused initiatives and nonprofits of all descriptions.

As a graduate from Northwestern University’s School of Speech, I also hold an MBA/MA in arts administration from SMU. I have lectured at SMU in corporate communications, emceed a TEDx event at the Allstate headquarters in Chicago — and currently serve on the faculty of the Center for Nonprofit Management in Dallas. I am a published ghostwriter and a frequent contributor to blogs. My intriguing and extraordinary career to date has included a veritable pastiche of projects, experiences and performances that have honed my collection of new media and traditional communication tools. Most important, I am exceptionally proud of my two astonishingly talented sons, Elliot and Ian — as well as my profoundly precious dog, Izzy, and Patches, my favorite feline.

Theatre | TV | Film

actors access2imdb2
REPRESENTATION  Linda McAlister Talent | Texas
linda@lmtalent.com | 972-938-2433


“BULLIED,”  a film addressing the helpless horror of bullying       Role: Ms. Dawson




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