Workshops: Student Feedback
Leveraging Content to Drive Engagement

“I learned stories are the most important, most compelling thing to share — and targeting your audience is everything.”

“Most engaging CNM class I have attended!”

“Great!!! Thx!”

Turbocharging Your Fundraising Appeals

“Wonderful class. Thank you!”

“It was way better than described!”

“Learned the importance of emotion and ‘showing’ very specific details in your story.”


I worked with Elaine in numerous collaborative assignments where I would contribute creative development aligned to Elaine’s written content. I every case I found Elaine was unflappable even when faced with daunting deadlines. She could readily shift gears quickly as needed when scope of a project took a right turn, and offer direction that would often guide getting things back on track. Elaine was open to all forms of feedback, never taking edit requests personally. All of this was accompanied by a positive and upbeat attitude only senior marketers and content storytellers tend to develop.”

Dane Miller, Presentation Designer, Fry Cook and Cashier, Raising Canes


“Elaine has a passion for the non-profit community and strives in assisting them fulfill their mission. She is dedicated and a pleasure to do business with.”

Katherine Lord, Sr. Mgr. of Compliance & Regulatory Affairs & HIPAA Privacy Officer, IBM Watson Health/Pytel


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