Letting Go.

Elaine Gantz Wright is a speaker, writer, and social media strategist. Contact her at elgantz()yahoo.com.

I have departed from the norm on this post—drafting a tribute to my ailing mom and dad.  Functioning as a single, working mom in the “sandwich generation” is challenging and often exhausting–with aging parents clinging to this earth on one side and iconoclastic teens defiantly creating their brave new world on the other. The stubbornness and isolation in both contrast the poignant fragility that often dissolves my heart. So, this is for you:

Letting go.

No more need to give to feel.

Her bare spirit shines — less the veneer.
Without speech, without talk.
Now real.

Transcending words.
The essence of her soul.
Awareness without comprehension.
Cognition, no.

She looks at me finally – and actually sees.

Letting go of need to know.
Content to be.
Helpless though.
Fights her wheeled prison.
Her body unknown.

Sings without words.
Feels without touch.

And yet he still clings.
Desperate – together but alone.
Denies to suppress.
Still nerves don’t lie.

No control and seizures defy.
Those pills that made him lame.
What they resisted they claim.

Anger. Passion. Pain.
A stone cold wall.
What a loss — so far.
Tear us apart and we fall.

Oh, to let love . .  .

So, letting go.

10 thoughts on “Letting Go.

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  2. Beautiful, Elaine. I am right there with you, between an almost-teenager and watching my 80-year-old mother outlive her own quality of life. I was on the phone with her yesterday when she suddenly become upset that she couldn’t find her oxygen tank. I told her to go into the bathroom and see if she left it in there while she was showering. Ten seconds later she walked into the bathroom and said “What am I looking for again?” Unbelievably sad to see someone just withering away before your eyes.

    1. Lindsey, thank you for your kind words and thoughts. I feel for you and your mom. Such a helpless limbo and a situation which offers limited options–most of them difficult. By the way, lovin’ your blog. I have a some excellent examples of the challenges of mom/child friend “management,” too.Will stop by and leave a comment . . .

  3. Elaine,

    May I please share this with a few members of my congregation who are facing similar challenges? So heartfelt and true.

  4. E, Your words ring true to so many of us. Those achingly familiar thoughts are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I’m there with you. Peace be with you.

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